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ASIC users are left in the Virtual Dust!

Who Can Benefit from Mining Crypto?

We are #1 in ROI/Cost including Electricity

ETH FPGA Miners are Here with updated Bitstreams

Ethereum Mining Rigs are for Sale, right here at altrigs. Eth Bitstreams are a bit harder to code, but thanks to a patch released from XILINX (manufacturer of top quality fpga boards). All rigs are for sale for as marked.

Graphics Accelerator Card for Mining

Altrigs is all about ROI for our customers and clients. We offer a one year warranty on all products bought online. We are based in Southern CA. Please ask about replacement, parts, and labor.

AltRigs is #1 in QoS, and Accepted Shares

Mine any coin with accelerated hash rates from that of inferior GPU or worse a CPU. Avoid ASICs where the coin warns of using them, and algorithm is resistant. ASICs are outdated overnight and are not modular. Altrigs makes custom machines with modular components.

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  • ETH - FPGA Mining Rig - 1900 MH/s
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Why we are the Best Choice for Eth Mining

After mining Ethereum for years we were waiting for something besides our fast data center grade GPUs to mine on. Now users can enjoy Alt Coin Miner's Accelerated FPGA technology, and make money in a reasonable amount of time.